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If you are looking for more space and you really do not like the thought of moving house, then an extension might well be the choice for you. Whether it be a single or double storey, an extension would not only add extra space to your property, but could also increase the value.

Here at Bournemouth Builders we have the experience you need with our expert advice, knowledge, and craftsmanship. We can create your ideal extension finished to the highest standard. Our team of professionals will be with you every step of the way and will cover everything that is required such as:

  • Surveying
  • Design and planning
  • Building Regulations
  • Groundworks
  • Windows/Doors
  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing
  • Plastering
  • Any interior/exterior finishing

As one of the most reputable building companies in Bournemouth we will not only complete your extension to the standard you would expect, but also finish it within a timescale that will cause you minimum disruption and inconvenience. We want to make the whole process as stress free as possible while sticking to the agreed budget. All our projects are priced at a rate that is clear from the start so you won’t be hit with any surprises at the end.

Types of Extensions

Rear Extension

The rear extension is a great way to create more living space and bring the outdoors, indoors.It can generally be done quite quickly with no need for planning and usually takes 3-4 months although you should allow 6 months for larger ones. This in turn can save time and sometimes hassle not needing to wait for planning permission. 

Side Return Extension

These types of extensions are generally quite small in size and usually replace a path or alleyway to the side of your house. By not extending your house out the back, you won’t be encroaching into your garden space. This is an ideal choice if you were looking to add a bit of space to your property without causing too much disruption. The build time on these are typically 3-4 months.

Wrap Around Extension

The wrap around extension is a combination of the rear and side extension. These are a great choice if you really want to increase the size of your property and possibly have a big open living space perfect for family living. What you could achieve with this extra space is almost endless, whether it be a new kitchen/dining area, or an extra bedroom or even a study room. You should allow at least 6 months from start to completion on a wrap around extension.

Double Storey Extension

A double storey takes any of the above extensions and basically adds a second floor to it. Ideal if you wanted to add another bedroom as well as adding some extra ground space too. These can usually take 6 months to complete depending on the size and more often than not will require planning permission.

Over Structure Extension

An over-structure extension is when you build on an existing part of your property to gain extra space usually for an extra bedroom or a home office. As you are building on the existing footprint it will have no impact on your garden space, perfect if your garden is naturally quite small. These types of extensions are usually pretty straight forward and can take anything between 3-6 months.